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Interior brushes

Detailing interior brushes for rooms and kitchens
And supply and installation

Executive Boards

Drawings for foundations you can
Receive it after finishing

Architectural finishes

Receive your unit finished
On the highest level

The finest architectural finishes

The beautiful architectural appearance is always the result of a refined taste in choosing the details of all designs, including the choice of colors for paints and the choice of different finishing materials and the choice of elements of ceilings and tiles accurately and carefully, then comes the brushes in terms of sizes and selection of places and selection of elements to provide a sense of comfort and ease of movement and viewing areas, Then the curtains and the choice of high-end models and colors of layers of cloth and then choose accessories and tablecloths and artificial or natural planting and finishing touches.
For a final finish you enjoy seeing the details and love to spend in your place the best time.


If you have an apartment, villa, chalet or shop and want a luxurious finishing as you see on the budget do not hesitate to contact us, and make sure that you will find comfort and transparency in dealing. We are confident of the quality of work as the quality begins with a successful selection of finishing industry and supervision engineers experience and then follow the work and satisfy the customer to make your dreams come true.

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Quality of foundation for finishes

Follow quality standards
In all stages of work

Attractive architectural appearance is not enough, but also must pay attention to the establishment of sound and conforming to specifications, starting from any modification in the walls and stability on the division of the internal architectural comfortable and meets your desires and lead to the best smooth movement in the place and the best distribution of services. Then comes the establishment phase and includes many aspects of engineering according to the level of details required, the most important establishment of health, and the establishment and distribution of electricity and air conditioning and the establishment of telephone, Internet, shower and intercom. This is followed by the insulation phase of the bathrooms and kitchens with the quality required to prevent water leaks. Then the oyster whitening stage includes the work necessary to prevent any cracks in the whiteness or on the thresholds and take into account that all surfaces are level through the glare and tendons, which promotes consistency and makes you feel comfortable after finishing. Choices of many types of ceilings, including gypsumboard, including gypsum suspended with different formate, and the floors also have a variety of options such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, parquet, HDF and MDF and each type must take into account the founding and receipt according to known specifications
Creative designs
Executive Boards
Furniture interiors
Diverse choices

Our services in finishes

From the work of the three-dimensional architectural drawings of the interior decoration and exterior facades to the supervision and implementation of all the work of interior finishes and interior decoration and brushes

creativity and innovation

Transparency and clarity
From compact to delivery

One of REDICC Real Estate activities

the quality

Prices are suitable for everyone and quality


Engineering and team supervision
Integrated work


Preview and layout before you start
In the actual finishing