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The text of the executive regulation of the reconciliation law on building violations

قانون التصالح


Download the executive regulations of the Reconciliation Law

The Law on Reconciliation for Building Violations is now in force after the issuance of its executive regulations. To download from here - It can understand the mechanisms of application and how to deal with the types of violations. The Regulations shall explain all matters relating to reconciliation over certain building violations and codify their conditions.


The laws that must be consulted for a comprehensive understanding are:

1- Irrigation and Drainage Law No. 12 of 1984

2- Building Law 119 for the year 2008

3. Local Administration Law No. 43 of 1979


Technical Committee to decide on the request for reconciliation

The administrative body (General Directorate of Planning and Urban Development in the governorate) shall form a technical committee, which shall be completely non-staffed. The committee is headed by a consultant engineer specializing in the design of concrete or metal structures. The union is selected by the consultant engineer. The committee should contain at least the following:

1- A civil engineer accredited by the administrative authority with a minimum of 5 years experience.

2- A certified architect from the administrative authority with a minimum of 5 years experience.

A representative of the Ministry of Interior nominated by the Civil Protection Department.

Consequently, the main members of the Committee who have the right to vote in the decision are 4 members, including the consultant engineer.

How can we help you?

We give you the right advice, as you can make an appointment with Engineer Zeinab Saleh (Assistant Governor and Director General of Planning and Urban Development in advance) to understand how to benefit from the law of reconciliation. We can also help you proceed smoothly. Just contact us 01097884414