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Documents required to submit a request for reconciliation on building violations

الاستفادة من قانون التصالح

an introduction

Before submitting a request for reconciliation on a violation, it should be known that the Law on Reconciliation in Building Violations and the codification of their conditions was formally adopted in July 2019 and is in force for a period that may be extended and may not be done at the discretion of the competent authorities. Residential block, it is not solved its problems and can only be through this law. To download the same code from here. Download the Regulation here.

Documents required for reconciliation

The application shall be submitted to the competent administrative authority, the district planning department. The application must complete the following documents:

1- Copy of the applicant's national number

2- A copy of proof of ownership of the property or proof of the right to deal in the application for reconciliation, such as power of attorney

3- Documents indicating the date of the violation

4- Documents indicating the installation of any property facilities in general, such as gas, electricity and water

5- An extract indicating the payment of real estate taxes from the Real Estate Tax Authority

6- An official report from one of the faculties of engineering or from the National Center for Building Research determines the time of the violation (since there are irregularities by 2008 that are not subject to Law 119 instead of Law 101 for building provisions)

7- All sales or lease contracts related to the property are documented by the real estate agency

8- Two copies of the architectural drawings as actually executed on the ground approved by an engineering office (this of course requires a lift on the ground from the office)

9- All drawings are included with the comprehensive construction license ornik license if applicable

10- A certified report by the Engineers Syndicate, to be carried out by a consultant office of concrete or metal structures, and the advisory office must be nominated by the Syndicate. The report must demonstrate the integrity of the building as a structural structure and foundations, that it does not pose a risk to lives and how many additional roles it can bear.


After applying for reconciliation

The administrative authority will restrict the application and give the applicant a certificate stating that he submitted the application and its attachments, after paying the application fees, which vary up to five thousand Egyptian pounds (the application fee is different from the reconciliation fees per se that comes after the application is accepted). After the application is restricted, the administrative body shall take the necessary measures and submit it to the independent decision committee. The application is also subject to rejection after the payment of the fees if the case cannot be applied to the Reconciliation Law, and then the application fees cannot be refunded.


Let's give you a helping hand

While many of the procedures are burdensome, many citizens now prefer to resort to an experienced mediator to expedite the procedures and assist in the submission of the application, and before that consultation is very important to find out whether the application is subject to approval or the case does not apply to the Law on Reconciliation of Building Violations and legalize their conditions. Connect with us on your phone or whatsapp from here 01097884414