EGP10,500 Starting price per meter

New Mansoura - Dakahlia
115 m
ID# 1528

Luxury apartments at the highest level and great opportunities for investment in the new city of Mansoura

The distinctive coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea, which competes with the North Coast in its distinctive scheme, which has been planned to suit all levels and all social classes and is a great opportunity now to invest and is in the early stages and compared to all prices in the North Coast and apartments located in the compound directly on the sea interface about 500 meters. The sea has been buying land from urban meetings were issued licenses for the compound to start in the implementation and apartment areas in the compound starting from 115 meters and 117 meters and 128 meters and 129.5 meters and 140 meters and 145 meters and 154.5 meters and 173 meters and 175 meters The compound is divided into ten parts and price Yup Da from 10500 per square meter to 14500 per meter according to the location of the apartment in the compound and by distance from the sea and is paid by twenty percent of the price of the apartment and the rest is paid in quarterly installments over five years and receipt after three years and receive the apartments semi-finishing and possible receipt of the apartment finished The buyer according to his taste and by agreement on finishing is dealt with the owner directly and contract with him

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